20+ Yummy Midjourney Food Prompts for Stunning Food Images

Get inspired with 20 exceptional midjourney food prompts for stunning images. Download the PDF with all 30 prompts for your e-commerce store or recipe. Don't forget to mention this article for inspiration.

Are you hungry? I'm not! But playing with these food prompts in midjourney made me feel like I was starving.

I don't know how Midjourney does it, but I feel like I want a bite from each picture.

The results are exceptional, and ultra-natural seems like it was shot today.

Once I started, I haven't stopped until I collected 30 yummy midjourney food prompts, 20 of which I listed in this article, whereas the other 10 I put into a PDF so you can download it (it contains all 30 prompts).

These prompts are most likely to be the prompts you need to generate stunning food images in midjourney, use them as you want, for your e-commerce store, for your next recipe, for getting some ideas, for a store menu, for anything you need - at your choice.

I'd just be happy if you'd mention this article if you got the inspiration from it.

Now, let's not ramble on and get started with 20 yummy midjourney food prompts!

Midjourney Smoothie Bowl

/imagine prompt: A colorful and refreshing smoothie bowl::1.7 Fresh fruit, granola::1.5 Sunrise::1.5 Ultra Wide Angle Lens::1.8 Yayoi Kusama::1.2 Pastel::1.5 --ar 16:9 --v 5

Midjourney Crispy Fish and Chips

/imagine prompt: A plate of crispy fish and chips::1.8 Tartar sauce, lemon wedge::1.7 Blacklight::1.2 DSLR::1.8 Claude Monet::1.2 Blue::1.5 --ar 4:3 --v 5

Midjourney Korean BBQ

/imagine prompt: A plate of savory and spicy Korean BBQ::1.8 Kimchi, steamed rice::1.7 Neon Lamp::1.2 Telephoto Lens::1.5 Takashi Murakami::1.2 Red::1.5 --ar 3:2 --v 5

A Steaming Bowl of Ramen

/imagine prompt: A steaming bowl of ramen::1.8 Soft-boiled egg, sliced pork::1.7 Dusk::1.2 Ultra Wide Angle Lens::1.5 Takashi Murakami::1.2 Blue::1.5 --ar 3:2 --v 5

Midjourney Crispy Salad

/imagine prompt: A colorful and crispy salad::1.7 Fresh greens, veggies::1.5 Natural Lighting::1.5 Wide Angle Lens::1.8 Yayoi Kusama::1.2 Pastel::1.5 --ar 16:9 --v 5

A Plate of Spaghetti

/imagine prompt: A plate of hearty spaghetti and meatballs::1.8 Freshly grated parmesan, garlic bread::1.7 Fluorescent::1.5 Macro Lens::1.8 Yayoi Kusama::1.2 Red::1.5 --ar 4:3 --v 5

A Bowl of Oatmeal

/imagine prompt: A warm and comforting bowl of oatmeal::1.5 Fresh berries, cinnamon::1.7 Edison Bulb::1.2 Telephoto Lens::1.8 Claude Monet::1.2 Pastel::1.5 --ar 1:1 --v 5

A Platter of Charcuterie and Cheese

/imagine prompt: A platter of charcuterie and cheese::1.7 Fresh fruit, nuts::1.5 Natural Lighting::1.5 Ultra Wide Angle Lens::1.8 Andy Warhol::1.2 Pastel::1.5 --ar 3:2 --v 5

A Plate of Sushi

/imagine prompt: A plate of mouth-watering sushi::1.8 Wasabi, soy sauce::1.7 Neon Lamp::1.2 Wide Angle Lens::1.5 Takashi Murakami::1.2 Blue::1.5 --ar 16:9 --v 5
/imagine prompt: A warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie::1.5 Fresh from the oven::1.7 Candlelight::2.2 Macro Lens::1.8 Andy Warhol::1.2 Brown Color::1.5 --ar 1:1 --v 5

Midjourney Steak

/imagine prompt: A sizzling and juicy steak::1.8 Grilled asparagus, baked potato::1.7 Direct Sunlight::1.5 Telephoto Lens::1.8 Yayoi Kusama::1.2 Red::1.5 --ar 4:3 --v 5

Midjourny Chicken Sandwich

/imagine prompt: A plate of crispy and juicy fried chicken sandwich::1.8 Spicy mayo, lettuce::1.7 Concert Lighting::1.5 DSLR::1.8 Banksy::1.2 Yellow::1.5 --ar 16:9 --v 5

Midjourney Chocolate Cake

/imagine prompt: A slice of rich and decadent chocolate cake::1.5 Fresh raspberries, whipped cream::1.7 Glitchart::1.5 Super Resolution Microscopy::1.8 Mark Rothko::1.2 Red::1.5 --ar 1:1 --v 5

A Bowl of Butter Chicken

/imagine prompt: A bowl of creamy and flavorful butter chicken::1.8 Naan bread, basmati rice::1.7 Ultraviolet::1.5 Telephoto Lens::1.5 Diego Rivera::1.2 Orange::1.5 --ar 16:9 --v 5

Midjourney Lemonade

/imagine prompt: A refreshing and tangy lemonade::1.7 Freshly squeezed, ice::1.5 Natural Lighting::1.5 Wide Angle Lens::1.8 Yayoi Kusama::1.2 Pastel::1.5 --ar 3:2 --v 5

A Bowl of Chili

/imagine prompt: A hearty and comforting bowl of chili::1.8 Cornbread, sour cream::1.7 Dusk::1.2 Ultra Wide Angle Lens::1.5 Diego Rivera::1.2 Brown Color::1.5 --ar 16:9 --v 5

A Plate of Bacon

/imagine prompt: A plate of crispy and savory bacon::1.8 Scrambled eggs, toast::1.7 Blacklight::1.2 Ultra Wide Angle Lens::1.5 Andy Warhol::1.2 Blue::1.5 --ar 4:3 --v 5

A Bowl of Granola

/imagine prompt: A bowl of sweet and crunchy granola::1.5 Fresh berries, yogurt::1.7 Edison Bulb::1.2 Ultra Wide Angle Lens::1.8 Yayoi Kusama::1.2 Pastel::1.5 --ar 1:1 --v 5

A Plate of Pad Thai

/imagine prompt: A plate of spicy and flavorful pad thai::1.8 Crushed peanuts, lime wedge::1.7 Neon Lamp::1.2 Telephoto Lens::1.5 Takashi Murakami::1.2 Red::1.5 --ar 16:9 --v 5


So, are you hungry now? How about a plate of bacon or some fresh lemonade?

Whatever you choose, I hope you got inspired by these midjourney food prompts and you are ready for your next idea.

Test, Each time you use a prompt, you get different pictures. Try to add more details in the prompt of what you want to achieve.

Consider these prompts as a start rather than a final result, For instance, if you want a Chocolate Cake without raspberry, remove "Fresh raspberries" from the prompt, or add something else, like "white cream" - you get the idea.

Experiment with them as long you get the results you want.

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