14 Million Users and Growing: Midjourney's Statistical Success Story Unveiled

Midjourney's rise in the AI art world is remarkable, reaching 14M users as of August 2023. Explore comprehensive statistics on growth, user demographics, subscription plans, and the future of text-to-image art creation.

Midjourney has become a sensation in the world of AI-generated art, reaching 14 million users on Discord.

From its growth in website traffic to its wide appeal across different age groups and interests, this article breaks down the key numbers behind Midjourney's success.

Join us as we explore the statistics that tell the story of this groundbreaking platform.

Key Points (tl:dr)

Below are the essential numerical insights that encapsulate the platform's success as of August 2023:

  • Registered Users: 14 million on Discord (August 2023).
  • Website Traffic: Peaked at 42.7M (April 2023); decreased to 26.8M (July 2023).
  • Google Trends by Country: Morocco 90%, Bangladesh 89%, Egypt 88%.
  • Gender Distribution: Male 64%, Female 36%.
  • Age Distribution: 25-34 years 37.76%, 18-25 years 26.18%.
  • Usage Purpose: For fun 68%, for utility 32%.
  • Sharing Platforms: Instagram 45%, Facebook 21%, Twitter 15%.
  • Desktop Users: Windows 72%, Mac 29%, Linux 4%.
  • Subscription Plans: Basic $10/month, Standard $30/month, Pro $60/month, Mega $120/month.
  • Revenue: $50 million/year (Oct 2022), projected $300 million/year (end 2023).

Midjourney Active Users

Midjourney's growth has been phenomenal, reaching over 14 million registered users on Discord as of August 2023.

And over 1M is online, almost 24/24.

While the Midjourney discord server is constantly increasing, the Midjourney website application is facing a small decrease since April, when based on SimilarWeb and other websites that (keeps this history), midjourney.com had nearly 42.7M visits whereas last month - July had ~ 26.8M which is over 37.24% traffic decrease.

Midjourney's Growth Timeline (2023)
Metric Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug
Website Traffic (Million) 29.1 31.6 41.4 42.7 35.5 28.5 26.8 TBD
Growth (%) - 8.6% 31% 3.1% -16.9% -19.7% -5.96% TBD
'TBD' stands for 'To Be Determined', indicating that the data for August is not yet known.

In terms of search, Google Trends shows that Midjourney is still on top of the trends, exceeding DALL-E and Stabe Diffusion.

However, its peak was seen in March-April, when the website traffic was at its all-time high.

Google Trends shows the most interested countries in Midjourney, which are as follows:

Google Trends for Midjourney by Country
Country Google Trends (%)
Morocco 90%
Bangladesh 89%
Egypt 89%
Algeria 88%
Pakistan 79%
Saudi Arabia 79%
Nigeria 77%
India 74%
Israel 73%
United Arab Emirates 73%

In countries like Morocco, Bangladesh, and Egypt, Midjourney has captured significant interest, with Google Trends percentages nearing 90%.

This high level of interest may indicate a strong presence of tech enthusiasts, artists, or AI communities in these regions.

Conversely, in countries like India, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates, the interest is slightly lower but still substantial.

Who Uses Midjourney? A Look at User Demographics

SimilarWeb is showing that 36% of users that use Midjourney are Female, whereas 64% are Male, with the most popular age distribution of 25-34 (37.76%).

Here's a demographic table:

Midjourney User Demographics
Demographic Percentage
Male Users 64%
Female Users 36%

The largest user base falls within the 25-34 age group, making up 37.76% of Midjourney's users. This suggests that young professionals and creatives are highly engaged with the platform.

The 18-25 age group is also significant, comprising 26.18% of users. This could reflect the platform's appeal to students and younger tech-savvy individuals.

The 35-44 and 45-54 age groups show moderate engagement, indicating that Midjourney is also attracting a more mature audience interested in AI art.

The 5.04% and 2.87% figures for the 55-64 and 65+ age groups, respectively, demonstrate that Midjourney's appeal extends to older generations, though to a lesser extent.

Midjourney User Age Distribution
Age Group Percentage
18-25 26.18%
25-34 37.76%
35-44 18.83%
45-54 9.32%
55-64 5.04%
65+ 2.87%

Overall, the data illustrates Midjourney's ability to engage a wide age range, from young adults to seniors, highlighting its accessibility and broad appeal in the world of AI-generated art.

Midjourney Team usually does some polls on their Discord server, here're some statistics we can show.

Midjourney Usage Statistics

A significant majority of users (68%) use Midjourney for fun, reflecting its appeal as a recreational tool rather than just a utility.

With 77% using Midjourney for personal, recreational purposes, it emphasizes the platform's role in personal creativity and enjoyment.

Midjourney Usage Statistics
Statistic Value
Users using Midjourney for fun 68%
Users using Midjourney for utility 32%
Users using Midjourney for personal purposes 77%
Users never share their AI-generated images 70%
Users share around half of their images 16%
Users sharing maybe one in ten images 9%

The data on sharing habits (70% never share their images) highlights a trend toward personal satisfaction over social sharing.

It's a platform more for personal creativity than social engagement.

Midjourney Image-Sharing Platforms

However, those who share the image, prefer to share it on these platforms:

Midjourney Image-Sharing Platforms
Platform Percentage of Respondents
Instagram 45%
Facebook 21%
Twitter 15%
Reddit 6%
YouTube 6%
TikTok 5%
Pinterest 3%

Instagram leads as the preferred platform for sharing Midjourney images (45%), aligning with its visual-centric nature.

Platforms that emphasize visual content like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are more popular for sharing Midjourney creations, underscoring the visual appeal of AI-generated images.

Midjourney Desktop Users

With 72% of Midjourney's desktop users on Windows, it's clear that this platform is the most popular among the community.

This could reflect the general market share of Windows in the desktop environment.

Midjourney Desktop Users
Platform Share of Members
Windows 72%
Mac 29%
Linux 4%

Mac users make up a substantial 29% of the desktop user base, indicating that Midjourney appeals to a wide range of users, including those who prefer Apple's ecosystem.

Linux's 4% share might seem small, but it's noteworthy as it shows that Midjourney is accessible to users across various operating systems, including those who prefer open-source platforms.

How Midjourney Engages Its Users

With a massive 14 million members on Discord, the platform's prominence is likely due to its role as the main platform for generating images, making it a central hub for Midjourney's community.

Twitter also shows a strong following with 298,207 followers, indicating active engagement and updates.

Midjourney Twitter Account

Reddit's community is notably large as well, with 829,779 members, reflecting a space for in-depth discussions and user interactions.

Midjourney Reddit Community
Midjourney's Social Media Presence (August 2023)
Platform Followers/Members
Twitter 298,207
Discord 14 million
Reddit 829,779

Overall, the data underscores Midjourney's strategic use of different social media channels to reach its audience, with a particular emphasis on Discord due to its integral role in the user experience.

Financial Overview

Midjourney offers four subscription tiers, each with different features and pricing.

Subscribers can choose to pay month-to-month or annually for a 20% discount.

Midjourney's Subscription Plans

The plans include:

  • Basic Plan: $10/month or $96/year ($8/month). Includes 3.3 hours of Fast GPU Time per month.
  • Standard Plan: $30/month or $288/year ($24/month). Includes 15 hours of Fast GPU Time and unlimited Relax GPU Time per month.
  • Pro Plan: $60/month or $576/year ($48/month). Includes 30 hours of Fast GPU Time per month.
  • Mega Plan: $120/month or $1,152/year ($96/month). Includes 60 hours of Fast GPU Time per month.
Midjourney's Subscription Plans (August 2023)
Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Basic $10 $96
Standard $30 $288
Pro $60 $576
Mega $120 $1152

All plans include access to the Midjourney member gallery, the official Discord, general commercial usage terms, and more.

How Much Revenue Does Midjourney Generate?

There's a fun stat hidden in an investor memo by @EMostaque, which works out to $33 million per year if every member subscribed to a pro plan.

Here's a summary of the revenue information for Midjourney:

  • October 2022: $50 million per year
  • March 2023: $200 million per year
  • Projected End of 2023: $300 million per year

The hypothetical scenario of $33 million per year if every member subscribed to a pro plan provides an interesting perspective on the potential revenue from subscriptions alone.

Conclusion: The Future of AI Art with Midjourney

Midjourney has grown quickly, with millions of users across different age groups and countries.

Its strong presence on social media platforms like Discord, Twitter, and Reddit shows how popular it is.

The different subscription plans offer something for everyone, whether they're just having fun or using it professionally.

Overall, Midjourney's success comes from its ability to reach a wide audience and offer a product that people enjoy using.