I let ChatGPT write a Technical article for me

I let ChatGPT write a Technical article for me

It seems ChatGPT is getting started to be a trend in writing, editing, and suggesting good technical articles.

I saw many videos on youtube already about how to write a blog post with the help of ChatGPT, and it's not bad, in my opinion, to have such a good tool, but let's be honest, are we ready to let him write the whole body of the article and have the confidence the post is relevant and informative?

Unfortunately (or fortunately) NO!

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And this is good, is a thing it must be, otherwise why would you still be writing on your blog, whereas copy and paste or programmatically tell ChatGPT to do it?

What would be the reason for doing this? Don't you write the articles for yourself first, for your mind, and your body?

This seems to be strange, but ChatGPT mustn't replace you, and your mind while you're writing, this is not what it's meant to be, don't do it!

Well, this doesn't mean you shouldn't make use of it, it's still a powerful machine that can help with many other small tasks, like generating short descriptions, telling the difference between this and that (even though it's not relevant in many cases), helping with some random data, suggesting you how to solve some tech bugs or even can give you a full function solution if you need it, you name it - but no more than that!

It's a machine that should assist not replace you, it's a GitHub Copilot but not for coding.

If you leave GitHub Copilot to write your code, you'll end up with a mess, and that's fine - it's meant to assist you, not replace you.

If you're looking for writing assistance, Jasper.ai is a better choice than ChatGPT at this time.

Let ChatGPT Write a Technical Article

To prove my words, let's try to write a technical article about @ngrx/component-store library ngrxPush, ngrxLet and built-in Angular async pipe.

We assume we don't have deep knowledge in ngrxPush, ngrxLet but we understand more or less how Angular built-in async pipe works.

Question: Hello, why should I use ngrxPush and ngrxLet against the Angular async pipe?

ChatGPT response:

ChatGPT response about ngrxPush and ngrxLet

I won't get into more descriptive details about what's wrong and not here, but I'll try to leave some notes here:

ngrxPush and ngrxLet are two operators from the @ngrx/component-store library that can be used in Angular applications to manage state and data flow in a reactive way. [...]

Sorry, ChatGPT, ngrxPush and ngrxLet can't be operators, first is a Pipe and second is a Directive.

Both ngrxPush and ngrxLet can be used in combination with the async pipe to manage async data in an Angular application. [...]

Hmmm, aren't they meant to replace Angular's built-in async Pipe in case of ngrxPush and Angular built-in ngIf directive (maybe not in all circumstances) in case of ngrxLet ?

ngrxPush is an operator that allows you to push a new value into a store path. [...]

Okay ... let's stop here!

If you want to learn more about these topics to better understand what is wrong with these sentences, here's a good article I found, just go over it.

You'll see, nothing here ChatGPT can teach you (at least about these topics) moreover, it gives more misunderstanding and confusion.

Surprisingly, I was pretty sure ChatGPT will mention Zone.js, which is (mostly) the main reason why would you switch to ngrxPush and ngrxLet, but this is not the case.

In the nutshell, I'm very much hoping this article will convince somebody to not give up on keep writing articles based on his knowledge, experience, ideas, and (why not) emotions he has - this is what makes us humans.

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Please, don't!

We'll end this article with some good suggestions from ChatGPT which I agree with:

Why not use ChatGPT to write a full article body