Responsive Email Builders with Angular and Tailwind

Discover how to create beautiful emails for your SaaS easily with our free tool. Using Angular and Tailwind, you can quickly create emails that look great. It's perfect for developers and startups. It's open source so that anyone can use it. Start making your emails stand out today!

I'm thrilled to share an exciting update about a project close to my heart – an email template builder (former wlocalhost) I developed for SaaS startups and companies.

After much thought and work, I've decided to open-source this tool, making it freely available to everyone.

This decision aligns with my commitment to supporting the developer community and SaaS owners like you, constantly seeking efficient, reliable tools to enhance your services.

Why Open Source?

Going open source with this email template builder isn't just about giving away a product for free; it's about inviting collaboration, improvements, and knowledge sharing.

It's built for you – the SaaS owner or startup developer looking to integrate high-quality email functionality into your projects without the overhead of starting from scratch.

Tailored for Modern Needs

In developing this email template builder, I've prioritized versatility and customization to meet the evolving needs of SaaS startups and companies.

The Tailwind theme is the heart of our offering. It is included in the principal repository and available for free.

Tailwind's utility-first approach allows for rapid, in-depth customization, making it an ideal choice for crafting responsive, brand-aligned email template builders.

I've developed additional themes compatible with PrimeNG, Material, Bootstrap, and Bulma for those seeking various design frameworks.

These themes are offered as separate products, acknowledging my user base's diverse preferences and requirements. While not free, they are designed to provide value by significantly speeding up the development process and ensuring consistency across your email campaigns.

You'll be able to buy one of them soon!

My builder leverages MJML, the responsive email framework, to ensure the highest responsiveness and compatibility across email clients.

MJML simplifies creating responsive email templates, converting its simplified markup language into high-quality HTML optimized for email.

This integration means that regardless of your audience's device or email client, your emails will maintain their intended design and structure, providing a consistent and professional user experience.

Features at a Glance

  • Drag and Drop Interface: Easily assemble emails with a user-friendly drag-and-drop system, making template creation accessible to everyone on your team.
  • Extensive Customization: Each block within the template can be customized, offering support for Google Fonts, custom placeholders, and image uploads, ensuring your emails stand out.
  • Seamless Integration: Installing the builder is straightforward and requires minimal setup.
  • Comprehensive Support: From LTR and RTL text directions to custom templates and modules/widgets, this builder can handle your project's unique requirements.

Open to All, Ready to Use

This email template builder is now open source, allowing you to dive in without any financial commitment.

Clone it, explore its features, and tailor it to your project's needs. I'm eager to see how it facilitates your email design process and enhances your applications.

Your Feedback Matters

As I launch this open-source journey, I want to hear from you. As I refine and expand this tool, your insights, experiences, and suggestions are invaluable.

Let's collaborate to make it an even more powerful asset for the SaaS and developer communities.