Quiky, an ultimate Angular Boilerplate

Quiky, an ultimate Angular Boilerplate

Hello everyone! I'm thrilled to announce that my Angular boilerplate is almost ready for launch! πŸš€

It's been quite the journey, but I promise it's worth the wait.

Here's what you can expect:

✨ Authorization: Seamless sign-in and sign-up, all with OTP.
πŸ‘€ Profile Page: Customize your info and avatar effortlessly.
πŸ’³ Billing Integration: Ready-to-use Stripe integration for hassle-free payments.
🎨 Plus, tons of UI components and Themes using DaisyUI.

Check out the screenshots below!

Even though it seems easy to do this from scratch, there's a lot of logic behind it, even behind the so-called "dump components."

Look at the input components; sometimes, they are just input, but sometimes, they are containers, where the "real input" is a "ghost."

Or the buttons, you don't need to add the classes all the time, just a directive:

<button quikyButton>Default</button>
<button quikyButton variant="primary">Primary</button>
<button quikyButton variant="secondary">Secondary</button>
<button quikyButton variant="accent">Accent</button>
<button quikyButton variant="link">Link</button>
<button quikyButton variant="ghost">Ghost</button>
<button quikyButton variant="neutral">Neutral</button>
<button quikyButton state="error">Error</button>
<button quikyButton state="success">Success</button>
<button quikyButton state="warning">Warning</button>
<button quikyButton state="info">Info</button>

or dialogs, alerts, or anything else related to UI.

It's not just the design.

This is what I thought initially; it should be quick, but it took me some time. I don't think you can build this boilerplate quickly and save some money; your idea is your money, not the time you spend creating something from scratch.

You should ship faster and start selling rather than building.

The UI is not the best part, even though using DaisyUI saved me a lot of time (so yes, you can use any components they provide), but how easy it is to work with it.

I used the latest Angular features, including Signal Store, Signal Inputs, Host Directives, etc.

Let me show you what the Profile store looks like:

That's a straightforward code that even juniors can understand πŸ™‚, and this is what a link looks like:

If you don't understand what's going on here, don't be scare, anyone can learn it. Check my post about this code on twitter for more info.

I also integrated a subscription feature; this is how configurations look like:

Guess why I put the provider there?

Yes, there will be two providers I'm going to support: Stripe and Lemon Squeezy.

Stripe is quite popular, but Lemon Squeezy is straightforward and has fewer fees. You decide what to use.

For now, only Stripe is supported.

This boilerplate comes with Supabase integration; I've written about this process and why I chose it in this article, but shortly, it's cheaper (free for starting up) πŸ˜€.

So, when you buy it, you get access to another project, to the supabase project, where all webhooks, checkout, and databases are handled.

To choose it or not is your choice; it's also easy to migrate; this is what a subscription looks like:

Yes, there's still work to be done, but check how all the essential logic is behind the functions, like getQuikyCustomer, createQuikySubscription, getQuikySubscription , and so on.

So basically, you choose what to do and when to do it πŸ™‚.

That's why Lemon Squeezy support is an easy task that is coming up soon.

There's much more to explore, but I'll keep it brief. And guess what? As a beta treat, I'm offering a whopping 40% discount!

But hurry; prices will rise with each new featureβ€”so catch yours now for a steal. πŸ˜‰

You can pay what you want, with a minimum of $70, with a discount of 20% off now, it's almost nothing. What do I need in return? Your feedback!

You can comment on this post below or write to me on Twitter, but your feedback is essential. Please don't hesitate to share it.

Soon, I'll have a Discord server for better interaction.

Regarding features, stay tuned for excellent additions like real-time ChatGPT chat (80% done) and Lemon Squeeze integration!

Are you not convinced yet? Check out the demo.

Coming Soon, plus price increases:

πŸ€– Real-time ChatGPT chat: Engage users with AI-driven conversations. + $29
πŸ“ Well-crafted landing page: Impress visitors with compelling copy. + $39
πŸ‹ Lemon Squeeze integration: Expand payment options beyond Stripe. + $19
...and many more exciting features on the horizon!

Join me on this journey, and let's build something amazing together! πŸ’ͺ